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Our Goats

Here at RL farms we specialize in breeding only the best meat goats money can buy and producing top breeding stock. Spanish goats and Kiko goats are at the top of the goat breeds due to their environment versatility, strong parasite-resistance, and excellent mothering abilities to name a few. This is why we have chosen to invest in breeding these two goat breeds. The goats here at RL Farms have several acres to forage, great environment set-up that keeps them active, and top notch health which is a priority here at RL farms.


Spanish Goats

Spanish goats were the only goats known across the southern US and in most other parts of the Americas for many years. They are especially tolerant of difficult conditions and forage well on local plants. Spanish does are prolific and produce enough milk for moderate growth rates of the kids. They are believed to be relatively tolerant of internal parasites. Here at RL Farms we have two Spanish bloodlines. The Weinheimer bloodline is a herd that was founded in Texas on the Weinheimer Ranch. The Baylis bloodline is a herd that was founded in Mississippi on the Rob Baylis Ranch.

Kiko Goats

Kiko goats were developed in New Zealand for meat production under harsh conditions. Some of the popular uses for Kikos are meat goat farming and as sires for crossbreeding in both meat and dairy herds to improve hardiness, parasite-resistance, and growth rate. The primary characteristic of the Kiko goat is its hardiness and its ability to achieve substantial weight gains when run under natural conditions without supplementary feeding. In addition, the does are capable of conceiving, carrying, giving birth to and rearing multiple offspring without much assistance.

Kiko goats; RL Farms

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