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Rooster; RL Farms

RL Farms Eggs

Happy healthy hens = Quality honest eggs

Antibiotic and pesticide free

Hand-picked daily

Locally operated farm

Hens; RL Farms

Here at RL Farms the pasture-raised hens have 3,700 square feet of outside roaming space to run, forage and just be themselves. Our hens are outside 10+ hours daily. The hens daily diet consist of fresh fruits (pumpkin and watermelon), corn, scratch mixed grains, whole oats, sunflower seeds, 16-20% protein layer mash and foraging on fresh surrounding pasture. The welfare of our hens comes first so we can ensure the best quality eggs for our customers. 

Baby chickens; RL Farms
Young Chickens; RL Farms
Hen & Rooster; RL Farms
Rooster; RL Farms
Hens & Roosters; RL Farms
Hens & Roosters; RL Farms
Hens & Rooster; RL Farms
Hen; RL Farms
Farm Fresh Eggs; RL Farms
Farm Fresh Eggs; RL Farms

RL Farms
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