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Meet The Owner

Horatio (Ray) Lindsay

Horatio Lindsay was born and raised in St. Thomas, Jamaica. He grew up on a farm in Jamaica during his younger years as a child so farming has always been second nature. He came to the U.S. where he started his lovely family years ago and his amazing journey began. He established a strong background in Microbiology and Agriculture which fueled his successful career in the bio-pharmaceutical industry. He has always had a good eye for farming and an amazing green thumb which has been showcased everywhere that he has lived.

In 2021 Horatio decided to make the transition into the farming business after relocating to Bennettsville, South Carolina. He established RL Farms in 2022 and the journey to date has been quite amazing. His goal for RL farms is to produce high quality purebred 100% New Zealand  Kiko and purebred Spanish goats through forage-based management for the best genetics, parasite resistance with focus also on mothering instincts and dress weight targets. At RL farms, farming is incomplete without laying chickens. So on the farm you will find a range of top quality and high performance egg laying breeds.

Registered Spanish and Kiko Goat Breeder


RL Farms Logo


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